Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Few people order a Brain Hemorrhage shot because they like it. They order it because they like the attention it draws. Some bartenders don’t know how to make it and others groan whenever someone orders it. It’s not hard to make. The issue is while it may draw a fair amount of attention and chatter, it rarely draws a lot of sales. So, people tend to regard it more as a distraction than anything else. I don’t want to talk to you about the drink only for you to shrug and then order whiskey and water. Time is money! If you’re not gonna order it, don’t ask me about it. Spreading gossip and lore isn’t my job. That’s what the barflies around here are for. But, a good bartender is supposed to be a good conversationalist you say? I’m no bartender. I’m an intoxicologist.

Brain Hemorrhage
Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Note from Patrick:

I’m not much a shots drinker and this drink is really no exception. Shots are good for samples, especially if a small one is served alongside a more nuanced cocktail (it should be a spirit that is used in the cocktail though)…it makes the customer feel special. Or you do one to appease a friend who insists you try some of his dill pickle vodka. The Brain Hemorrhage is no different for me. I’ll have one if others are too. That being said, whipping up a batch of these for your Halloween-themed gaming session is a perfect way to make the night even more memorable. You may even be surprised. The drink isn’t that bad. It’s just a bit pretentious to have too often.

If you happen to be playing in a sci-fi setting, you could also drop in a splash of Blue Curaçao to create an otherworldly effect. I suppose you could also call it something like “Aberration Brain Hemorrhage” if sci-fi’s not your thing.

Brain Hemorrhage

Perennial conversation starter
Prep Time1 min
Keyword: schnapps, cocktail
Servings: 1


  • 1 oz. peach schnapps chilled
  • 1 oz. Irish cream chilled
  • 3 drops grenadine


  • Pour the chilled schnapps into a shot glass. Gently layer in the chilled Irish cream over the back of a barspoon. Finish with 3 drops of grenadine.

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