Candlekeep Mysteries Reference Sheet

Candlekeep Mysteries Reference Sheet
Candlekeep Mysteries Reference Sheet by Patrick Higingbotham

This is a quick reference sheet I published on DMs Guild for you and your players (if you choose to share with them) of notable persons, locations, and facts about Candlekeep to be used with running Candlekeep Mysteries adventures. We all know that players often don’t take notes and struggle to recall an NPC’s name or title. Or sometimes they forget the rules and decorum of particular establishments. It’s this lack of preparedness or detail clarification that bogs down your game. With this reference sheet, you or your players can reference the notes at their convenience without interrupting the session’s flow.

Use the Reference Sheet to minimize answering the same questions over and over again. It contains no spoilers unless you want to withhold certain locations or NPC’s names. So you could provide it as a player handout. That is the primary purpose of the reference sheet. But you could use it as another tool in your DM kit and let your players marvel at your impeccable recall. Either way, I hope you and your table find it useful. Additionally, I encourage you to share it with your fellow DMs if they are also running any of the Candlekeep Mysteries adventures.

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