Plot Thickeners—Crude & Distorted

Plot Thickeners—Crude & Distorted
Crude & Distorted by Patrick Higingbotham

Crude & Distorted was the third issue of Plot Thickeners I published on DMs Guild.

March, as many already know, is named for the Roman god of war, Mars. War is a broad topic to cover for a publication as brief as this one. Additionally, war is tricky to roleplay when players control individual characters. Sure, you may command a squad of hirelings, and mechanics for determining the results for large-scale battles aren’t unheard of. However, my experience is that the focus is usually on small unit tactics at most and primarily the sum of the decisions of a session’s characters, villains, and monsters. As such, this issue will narrow the focus to a much smaller scale. We can distill war down to one theme: violence. Therefore, this issue of Plot Thickeners reminds us that violence is crude and distorted. Violence destroys. Sometimes it protects. But it never creates.

As with all the Plot Thickeners I’ve written, these hooks are based on real-world events either from history or on things of cultural significance. Be sure to check out the full-size preview on the DMs Guild page where you can see all the hooks in one consolidated table. I hope the historicity and/or cultural significance inspires you to create fun and memorable adventures for your gaming group.

Quick note on options for this product:

You can buy this issue individually on DMs Guild or buy the bundle. The bundle has all three Plot Thickeners for January, February, and March 2021 for a discounted price.

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