Infestation at Willow Grove

Infestation at Willow Grove cover
Infestation at Willow Grove is a one-shot adventure for 3rd-level D&D parties written by a 13-year old who is slaying his personal demons.

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Trouble stirs in the normally quiet and bucolic lakeside town of Willow Grove. The residents here are jovial, hard-working, and superstitious. When the town’s cemetery caretaker makes a macabre discovery while tending to the gardens, he’s certain there is evil afoot. The town mayor, a shrewd and circumspect businesswoman, has plans to grow the town by promoting it as a tourism destination for wealthy businessfolk from larger cities. She cannot let rumors run amok that there is a problem in Willow Grove.

Infestation at Willow Grove is a 3rd-level one-shot adventure for 4 characters. Some encounters are deadly so if your party is smaller than 4 or less than level 3, you may want to adjust accordingly. My son,  Logan, was inspired to create this adventure based on a vision he had of an interrupted party wherein some heroes who were celebrating a recent victory soon learn that their work is never really done. The monster selection and overall theme are his. I helped him flesh out the details such as places, names, and the NPCs’ deeper motivations. Aside from those stylistic inputs and my writing/editing, this adventure remains true to Logan’s vision.

This adventure is setting-neutral so you can easily drop it into any campaign setting you like. It works best to set the adventure somewhere near a body of water and farmland. Find Infestation at Willow Grove on DMs Guild here.

About the Author

Logan started playing Dungeons & Dragons shortly before the release of 5th Edition when I, his dad, ran The Heroes of Hesiod for him and his older siblings. Since the 5th Edition’s release, Logan’s most memorable adventures have been The Cottage on the Long Road, The House of Poe, and An Ogre and His Cake. He also tried to befriend the nothic in the Red Brand Hideout in The Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Logan, along with his brother, spent a few years in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) battling his demons (childhood anxiety and depression) and learning coping mechanisms. These days they are both doing much better. At 13, Logan still deals with his self-worth and his perceived likability. He told me that he wanted to create and DM an adventure for me and his brothers. He shared his rough ideas with me and I encouraged him to pursue the adventure design. After he completed his framework and monster selection I helped him flesh out the details. While I made some suggestions, the adventure remains true to Logan’s vision. He’s proud and I think it’s nice that he sees that he can create things that people value and appreciate. I consider this one of the best ways to slay your personal IBSC!

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