Forbidden Lands Reference Sheet

Forbidden Lands Reference Sheet
Forbidden Lands Reference Sheet by Patrick Higingbotham

I love running the Forbidden Lands RPG by Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan), but when familiarizing myself with any new RPG, sessions can quickly become bogged down. While I did find a quick reference guide here and there, I didn’t find any that I loved. They were either too long, spanning multiple pages, or just poorly formatted. The badly formatted ones were only marginally better than flipping through the Forbidden Lands Player’s Handbook. I suspected I wasn’t alone and my suspicions were confirmed once I saw people asking for a consolidation of the more frequently used tables. So, I created the Forbidden Lands Reference Sheet and published it to DriveThruRPG.

If you want to save yourself some time during your games, pick up your copy. It includes a printer-friendly version to help you keep screens away from your tabletop. I like to describe Forbidden Lands succinctly as a simple, elegant, and quite deadly game. In that spirit, this reference sheet is simple and elegant at just two pages so you can print it front and back and share it with your friends. Or, they can get their own copy from DriveThruRPG too! The deadliness is up to your table’s style of play (my group tends to be combat-averse).

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