Kriv’s Guide to Hobelars—Martial Archetype

Martial Archetype
Kriv’s Guide to Hobelars—Martial Archetype by Chad Cray and Patrick Higingbotham

This martial archetype I published on DM’s Guild is ideal for dense-forest reconnaissance and perhaps even an urban setting so long as that city isn’t unaccustomed to seeing beasts in its streets.

Sending in the cavalry works just fine if you need to overwhelm your enemy with numbers. Or ostentation. In that case, by all means, send in the bros on their ponies. You may intimidate your target or impress the public with a show of force. But what will you accomplish? Wasted resources at a minimum. When you want results and you want them quickly, you don’t have time to organize such pomp. Instead, you send a hobelar.

Hobelars may look like they aren’t team players, but beneath their sometimes shabby exterior exists a loyal and disciplined soldier. They favor unconventional tactics. As Kriv is fond of saying, “our enemies are usually guerillas and we have to out G the G with no collateral damage.” And indeed, this martial archetype makes deep reconnaissance fun and exciting.

Includes a new 5E monster, the kokeke, as a mount. With its keen sight and smell and spider climb ability, the kokeke can literally get the drop on victims even in dim light or darkness. Sometimes its bite delivers a powerful paralytic poison as well. It’s easier for them to eat their prey once that prey has stopped kicking and screaming.

If your players want to do more ambushing, skirmishing, and maybe even some parkour-style acrobatics, encourage them to consider the hobelar!

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